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About Us

The Good Fale is a Social Enterprise venture founded by sisters Philippa and Theresa Holmes.

A space created to home their social enterprise, impact design, and community-focused work.

A space we hope will be for many.



Co-founder + Social Impact Designer

Philippa Holmes is an Aotearoa born Pasifika European Social Entrepreneur and Social Impact designer. She has  14+ years experience in the community and social impact sector. Philippa is the co-founder of The Good Fale and a founding member of the Kai Collective Project. Her life, mahi, and academic work focus on creating and collaborating in projects that contribute to Social Justice.


Philippa is a multi-disciplinary practitioner. Her current work projects are focused on System design and disruption, Community-led Development, and Social Enterprise. Philippa is driven by a passion for ensuring the way we tell stories, develop projects, write policy and come to the space of social impact, innovation, and change, empowers, and honours communities from the grassroots to the system. She has a Bachelor of Leadership for Change and is currently studying towards a Masters of Technological Futures.





Theresa Holmes is a co-founder of the social enterprise The Good Fale alongside her sister Philippa. She is a social entrepreneur, community development practitioner, social impact designer and is studying towards a Masters in Instructional Psychology and Technology in the U.S. She has a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Social Work and Chemistry


As a woman of mixed Pasifika heritage Theresa’s passion for helping the Pasifika community has been a focus of her work. She has 14+ years of experience over two countries. Her work has taken her through many different sectors including community development, mental health, family violence, social impact design, adolescent research, biochemistry research, education and food security.


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