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A. Social Impact Summit

The Summit was born out of a need to have a space where practitioners and stakeholders from different sectors could connect, collaborate, explore, learn and grow together, specifically around Social Impact. The Summit is a space where we focus holistically on practice and practitioners.

Copy of Black and Yellow Circle Band Log

A. Social Impact Summit 2020


The 2020 Summit focused on food security, food sovereignty and the food system. At the Summit we gathered, we hopped on the waka/vaka, and we got ready to launch, a journey ahead where we innovate, test, share and redesign a food system that works for all.

A. Social Impact Summit 2019

#Amplify the Impact

The inaugural A. Social Impact Summit was designed with a desire to create a Social Impact focused space where people and projects from across-sectors and disciplines could come together to connect, contribute and grow. A space where the voice of womxn, the voice of brown people and the work of decolonisation was woven throughout the design and delivery. 

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